Month: May 2016

From A GED To A PhD, There’s A Place For You: Texas A&M University Win The AFPM Recruitment Challenge

As part of our work to promote workforce development in the fuel and petrochemical industries, AFPM has teamed up with EdVenture Partners to stage a student-based recruitment challenge and highlight the amazing opportunities our industries can provide to graduates at all...

/ May 12, 2016

Falling U.S. Energy-Related CO2 Emissions & Hydraulic Fracturing

The Energy Information Administration today released figures that give everyone in the industry reason to cheer: U.S. energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in 2015 are 12% below their 2005 levels.

/ May 9, 2016

Divestment Hot Air From The Beehive State

More divestment bluster, this time from the academic senate at the University of Utah, which voted narrowly in favor of a resolution calling on the university to dump its investments associated with fossil fuels. The divisive resolution, which squeaked through...

/ May 4, 2016