Month: July 2016

The dangers of politicizing the SEC

Thanks to eight decades of stable financial disclosure requirements, the U.S. has built one of the most admired securities markets in the world. Yet there are new efforts to politicize these existing securities laws which could throw this investor certainty...

/ July 28, 2016

Refining and Petrochemical Industry Flying High About FAA Reauthorization

By an act of Congress and with the stroke of a pen, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) programs will continue to receive funding for the next 14 months. Importantly, it should be noted that the “FAA Extension, Safety, and Security...

/ July 25, 2016

Winning the Tour de France thanks to petrochemicals

The first Tour de France was held in 1903. 60 cyclists rode over unpaved roads without helmets, comfortable bikes or other modern technologies. Today the race has evolved to a total of 21 stages covering almost 2,200 miles. In recent...

/ July 20, 2016

Does divestment even work?

Anti-fossil fuel activists frequently point to the divestment campaign that targeted South African Apartheid is often cited as the prime example of the effectiveness of their tactics divestment campaigns by the folks behind the fossil fuel divestment movement.

/ July 19, 2016