Month: August 2017

AFPM Committee Keeps Abreast of the Tech Changes in the Industry

Before I stated my career at AFPM in 2003, there was a committee called the “Computer Committee”.  This committee consisted of operating companies and associate member companies.  The company representatives on this committee were the process control engineers.  Wikipedia defines...

/ August 24, 2017

Petrochemicals: helping keep you safe during hurricane season

As residents along the Gulf Coast prepare for the impacts of soon-to-be major hurricane Harvey, we take a look at hurricane preparedness. Are you aware of the positive impact which the fuel and petrochemical industries play in keeping you safe...

/ August 24, 2017

Petrochemicals Shine Brightly During Eclipse

Everyone’s focus is on the sun today, as millions of Americans gaze upwards to witness the spectacular solar eclipse. And petrochemicals will be shining brightly today, as they help people to safely view the eclipse and help scientists to learn...

/ August 21, 2017