The refining and petrochemical manufacturing industries are a fundamental – but often overlooked – cornerstone of our modern civilization and economy. Abundant, affordable, and reliable energy drives local economies and allows communities, schools, hospitals, and Main Street to thrive — fueling families, businesses, and local communities and providing the fundamental building blocks for products that we not only use, but depend on every day.

We want to start a conversation about these important contributions. By visiting AFPM In Your Community, you will be able to learn more about how refiners and petrochemical manufacturers make our modern lives possible and their impact within local communities. By supporting nearly 2 million American jobs, AFPM members are proud to be part of local economies that produce the energy and essential products that you use every day.

The site highlights how refiners manufacture the fuels that you and your family rely on to stay on the move, while also ensuring the necessities you use every day – food, medicine, and other essentials – are readily available in communities across America. You can also learn more about the importance of petrochemical manufacturing and how petrochemicals are an indispensable component of every day products, including common household items such as furniture, carpeting, and milk jugs, critical medical products such as IV bags and even aspirin, as well as clothing, credit cards, and cell phones, just to name a few!

The outlook for the downstream sector is strong. By 2025, fuel and petrochemical manufacturers are expected to support almost 3.9 million jobs. AFPM is proud to showcase how our industries are fueling and building the future – explore more at


Posted by Sarah Magruder Lyle