Mike McDonnellMike McDonnell, President and Chief Executive Officer, TPC Group, Inc., has written a guest blog for Petro Primer on our new Workforce Development Site:

Attention future employees – have you heard about the terrific career opportunities in the fuel and petrochemical industries and wanted to learn more about them?  Have you ever wondered how you go about getting a job in the fuel and petrochemical industries? Have you asked yourself what types of jobs are available? Or, what type of education you need (hint – there is a broad range of well-paying, rewarding opportunities for everyone from high school graduates to Ph.D.s)? What about federal and state initiatives to tap into? What about options when you’re in the military and ready to leave service?

If you have asked any of those questions, then look no further than AFPM’s brand new Workforce Development portal. AFPM has created a new website to act as a “point of entry” for individuals who are interested in learning more about working in the fuel and petrochemical industries. The site includes information about job types, educational opportunities, job resources and much more. Our goal is to provide information to help individuals get connected with key industry resources and to help AFPM members promote workforce opportunities in the industry.

Demand for skilled and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professional workers is increasing due to the resurgence of growth in the manufacturing sector, and in particular for the fuel and petrochemical industries, driven significantly by the shale boom. Numerous studies and industry experiences support the view that skilled craft labor, as well as technical and engineering labor, will be critically short for the fuel and petrochemical industry over the next decade. Most estimates of this deficit are in the range of one to two million by as early as 2017, including upcoming retirements for many of our colleagues. As a result, we need good people who want to join our teams, help us grow our companies and industries, and be part of America’s manufacturing renaissance, now and into the future.

So c’mon and take a look at this great new website. We have opportunities for everyone—don’t miss out!

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