In case you missed it, the fuel and petrochemical manufacturing industries are helping to drive America’s economic engine and creating job opportunities along the way. Demand for skilled workers with a STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is on the rise as a result of the growing manufacturing sector. However, the industry must overcome a shortage of skilled craft labor, as well as technical and engineering labor. Most estimates place this deficit in the range of one to two million by as early as 2017- and that is just in the downstream sector. Eight million U.S. STEM jobs are expected to be added to the workforce by 2018, but as many as three million may go unfilled. To ensure that America has a qualified workforce trained for tomorrow’s jobs, we must start today to prepare students with a STEM education.
With that in mind, AFPM has partnered with First Book to offer a collection of books that focus on mathematics, one of the core components of STEM education. Today, First Book officially announced our partnership on its blog. The collection of books concentrates on getting kids excited about math at an early age, and encouraging them to stay interested.

First Book’s mission is to provide children in need access to new books. To date, First Book has distributed more than 118 million books and educational resources to over 100,000 programs and schools serving children from low-income families throughout the United States and Canada. AFPM is pleased to be part of this important program and proud to support First Book’s efforts to create a strong workforce for the future!


Posted by Sarah Magruder Lyle