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Top Takes From AFPM’s International Petrochemical Conference 2019

Plastic roads and buildings, the influence of energy and petrochemicals in geopolitics, and chemical and molecular recycling processes that could create a truly circular economy for plastic products were just a few of the topics discussed at AFPM’s 44th International...

/ April 1, 2019

Five Big Things From AFPM Annual Meeting 2019

Visions of a more sustainable and tech-enabled future dominated the agenda at the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers’ 117th annual meeting in San Antonio last week. Between sessions on virtual reality enhancing safety, and the outlook for liquid transportation fuels...

/ March 27, 2019

Refiners are fueling first jobs

Mowing lawns is a summertime rite of passage in America, providing young people with experience pitching their business to neighbors, keeping a work schedule, and making and managing money—from purchasing the gasoline that fuels the operation, to budgeting for the...

/ March 4, 2019

Petrochemical makers are innovating to enable more plastics recycling

As petrochemicals and recycling advancements give old plastic new life over and over again—from shoes and clothes made of recycled plastic recovered from the ocean, to plastic bottles being chemically recycled into fuel and a raw material to make new...

/ March 4, 2019