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The Financial Assault, Part 4: The Scarlet Letter Database

Last week, California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones launched the latest salvo in his relentless crusade to coerce the nation’s leading insurance companies to divest from oil and natural gas company holdings. After more than a year in the making, Jones...

/ January 26, 2017

Rotten DAPL: The Hangover at Standing Rock

Apparently, the #NoDAPL protest, which started as “something that was beautiful,” has devolved into a morass “where it’s ugly, where people are fabricating lies and doing whatever they can, and they’re driven by the wrong thing.” And that “wrong thing”...

/ January 24, 2017

The Moms Clean Air Force Clearly Missed the Target

The Moms Clean Air Force—a “special project” of the Environmental Working Group supported by activist like and the Union of Concerned Scientists— landed on Capitol Hill last week to oppose the nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head...

/ January 17, 2017

Divesting from Divestment

As 2017 gets started, the activist rhetoric for divestment will inevitably ramp up. So here are a few hard truths that divestment proponents ignore: 1. It’s bad business. Pension and university endowment managers have a heavy charge: to optimize their...

/ January 12, 2017