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RIN Tutorial

As corn-based RIN prices have reportedly risen as a result of EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) announcement on April 10, now might be a good time to ask: what exactly is a RIN? It’s a simple question with a complex answer,...

/ April 15, 2015

Risky Business: Solar power’s shortcomings

As President Obama recently unveiled a plan to push more veterans into solar power, our minds couldn’t help but turn to the lengthy list of failed and bankrupt solar companies: 112 across the U.S. and Europe declared bankruptcy, closed their...

/ April 9, 2015

EIA refinery predictions match those of AFPM members

The Energy Information Administration released a report this week saying there are “several different ways” U.S. refineries can handle the higher volume of domestic crude, brought about through the shale revolution: a viewpoint AFPM has long held and voiced through...

/ April 7, 2015

CFATS Implementation With DHS’s David Wulf: Part 2

AFPM’s Security Conference is going to have an exciting agenda this year. From April 13 – 15, AFPM members will have the opportunity to gain vital information on a myriad of security issues, policies and future regulations. This year, conference attendees...

/ March 31, 2015