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The Questionable Health Data Behind EPA’s Costly New Ozone Rule

Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency began conducting public hearings on its proposal to implement a stricter standard on ozone – a rule that the National Association of Manufacturers has called “the most expensive regulation ever imposed on the American public.” To justify...

/ February 5, 2015

American Greed: Lord of the RINs

On Thursday at 10pm, CNBC’s American Greed recounted the story of Maryland RIN fraudster Rodney Hailey—and how he exploited EPA’s broken RFS system by making a fortune out of selling millions of fake RINs between March 2009 and December 2010.

/ January 27, 2015

President Obama’s 2015 State of the Union

As he has done for many years now, President Obama has stated that he has presided over another year of strong economic growth—growth that has stemmed from the booming manufacturing and energy industries. Of course, the catalyst for the growth...

/ January 20, 2015

Oil export amendment in Keystone bill: not the time or place

As reported in Energy & Environment Daily (among others), Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has said he would like to slip in an amendment to the upcoming Keystone XL bill which would lift the U.S. crude oil export ban-although many Republicans feel now is...

/ January 13, 2015