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RFS Uncertainty: RINs and Repeat

Since mid-November, the price of RINs has risen significantly. According to OPIS, as of January 6, biodiesel RINs (D4) were more than $1—which was almost double their price in mid-November. And ethanol RINs (D6) increased to 87.5 cents, up from about...

/ January 7, 2015

What To Look Out For In 2015

With the Obama administration trying to make the environment its legacy, this year promises to be a very busy 12 months for the fuels, petrochemicals and refining industries. Although there already have been some excellent summaries, here are AFPM’s predictions for...

/ January 5, 2015

All-electric Cars: Not a Green Energy Panacea

Think your all-electric car is good for the environment? You may have to think again, according to a recent University of Minnesota study which shows that, even by the green lobby’s own metrics (such as California’s “Well to Wheels” approach), electric...

/ December 16, 2014

AFPM’s 2014 Naughty and Nice List

It’s that time of year again: Christmas trees are up, holiday songs are on the radio, and Santa is checking his naughty and nice list. So who is in line for a gift, and who is going to wake up...

/ December 15, 2014