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Rock On – Turning Energy Into Opportunity

Remember in the 1990s when the tech boom was driving job growth and wealth creation? Pundits referred to it as the “Rock ‘n Roll” economy. Well, guess what? That was the old tech. We’re the new tech. Fracking and other...

/ September 9, 2014

Would you trust environmentalists with your money?

Would you trust environmentalists with your money? That’s what fund managers must ask themselves when pressured to divest of fossil fuel stocks. There is an estimated $5 trillion worth of investments in fossil fuels. Moving these investments to environmentalists-approved industries...

/ September 8, 2014

Titanic Hypocrisy

In case you missed him, Leonardo DiCaprio, the guy who owns multiple homes, numerous cars and a private island that he’s developing into an eco-luxury resort—guess there aren’t enough luxury resorts in the world today—has been on break from acting. After...

/ August 25, 2014

Our Elites are Lecturing Us

Tom Steyer, a condescending funder of the anti-fossil fuel crowd, has a message for us: We’re stupid! According to him in remarks made recently at a renewable fuels conference only .5 percent of people understand the climate change debate. Here’s...

/ August 20, 2014