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David Friedman is the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for AFPM. To learn more about AFPM, visit AFPM.org.

Tighter Ozone Standards Are Not The Way Forward

You maybe already be familiar with the ozone NAAQS from our two (1 & 2) previous posts discussing health impacts from lowering ozone standards which EPA refuses to disclose, and the staggering negative economic impact with impossible attainment to become...

/ January 30, 2015

In the Case of Curbing GHG Emissions Think Globally and Not Locally

A Los Angeles Times article on efforts to reduce the use of coal by California power plants highlights the overarching problem with the state’s program to cut carbon emissions—California’s jurisdiction stops at its borders. In their piece Despite California climate...

/ October 29, 2014

Here’s Why We’re Mad – EPA Backtracks on its Own Risk Assessment

It’s not every day that someone other than my parents calls me son, but that’s just what Grist blogger Brentin Mock did when offering up the opportunity to explain why AFPM is “enraged” over EPA’s proposed requirements in the Petroleum Refinery...

/ September 8, 2014

A Cautionary Tale – GHG NSPS Not Just for Utilities

Some in the refining industry breathed a sigh of relief when the Obama Administration signaled earlier this year that they would not propose a refinery greenhouse gas New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) while they were in office. In addition, environmental...

/ July 17, 2014