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Tim Hogan is the Director of Motor Fuels for AFPM. To learn more about AFPM, visit AFPM.org

EPA Reminds Retail Stations About E15 Pump Labels

Retail gasoline stations may be confused regarding E15 pump labeling and Reid vapor pressure (RVP) requirements. There are federal and state RVP requirements on summer gasoline to reduce hydrocarbon emissions, because hydrocarbon emissions are a ground-level ozone precursor.  E15 is...

/ February 24, 2017

The Federal Government and States Regulate Several Fuel Parameters

I discussed oxygenated gasoline in a recent blog. However, there are more regulated fuel parameters.

/ February 1, 2016

RFS Waivers for Total Renewable Fuels and Advanced Biofuels

EPA has waived cellulosic biofuels in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program (see January 2015 blog – “Cellulosic RFS Waiver History,” and December 2015 blog – “Update: RFS Cellulosic Biofuel Waivers“). However, EPA recently promulgated RFS rules for 2014-2016 (see 80...

/ January 15, 2016

Update: RFS Cellulosic Biofuel Waivers

I presented an overview of Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) cellulosic biofuel waivers in a January 2015 blog. Recently, EPA promulgated RFS rules for 2014-2016 (80 FR 77420; 12/14/15) and they included cellulosic biofuel waivers for 2014 – 2016. So it...

/ December 14, 2015