AFPM Committee Keeps Abreast of the Tech Changes in the Industry

Before I stated my career at AFPM in 2003, there was a committee called the “Computer Committee”.  This committee consisted of operating companies and associate member companies.  The company representatives on this committee were the process control engineers.  Wikipedia defines...

/ August 24, 2017

Revitalizing the Workforce through Career and Technical Education

America’s refining and petrochemical community employs and supports over three million people, hiring individuals from all education levels to fill a wide range of positions (such as welders, electricians, chemists, and engineers). The industry is experiencing a strong need for...

/ May 19, 2017

“WannaCry” – Is It a Forewarning?

As I write this in the early afternoon of Monday, May 15, I just finished reading the latest bulletin from DHS on WannaCry, the ransomware virus that has become a lead news story since the weekend. In what I read,...

/ May 15, 2017