Others Are Also Concerned About E15 Summer Volatility and Pump Labels

On April 27, 2015, I wrote a blog, “EPA Should Enforce Its Own RVP and Pump Label Regulations on E15.” Since then, there have been some developments on this topic, chiefly regarding consumer confusion and fears over misfueling. 

/ May 27, 2015

Hydrogen-powered cars: future or false dawn?

What can drive 300 miles on a full tank, takes minutes to refuel and has been panned by Elon Musk? No, not many of the conventional gasoline-powered cars available on the market today – we are talking about the Mirai:...

/ May 13, 2015

The absurdity of electric cars and biofuels

Although they are very different industries, electric cars and biofuels face a similar problem: their products receive a significant boost from government policy, but they still have to entice consumers to purchase government-endorsed products that are more expensive and, at...

/ May 7, 2015

Hydrogen as a Transportation Fuel? Nonsense.

Trying to find nonsense in the media regarding the energy industry is like shooting fish in a barrel with a laser-guided RPG. A CBS affiliate in the San Francisco Bay Area recently produced a story on hydrogen vehicles and the...

/ October 21, 2014