Presenting the Opportunities the Shale Boom Offers

Outreach is a critical area for trade associations to ensure that individuals understand what the association does, what industries it represents and how it impacts them directly. Part of my role at AFPM includes educating people about how thousands of...

/ September 26, 2014

The Realities of Unrealistic Regulation: Governors Push Back on EPA Overreach

It seems like quite a familiar theme: The EPA is overstepping its bounds, and states are left with uncertainty and a host of practical challenges on how EPA’s proposed rule on reducing carbon dioxide emissions at existing power plants would...

/ September 10, 2014

Dear Gina

The Partnership for a Better Energy Future (PBEF) this week sent a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to detail issues with the proposed carbon standards for existing power plants. PBEF, of which AFPM is a member, expressed five concerns:  •...

/ July 23, 2014