Despite the Heat, Petrochemicals Help Keep Us Cool

Living in Washington, DC can be brutal during the summer months thanks to the heat and humidity. Here at the AFPM offices, the temperature has been cracking 90 °F too many times for my liking this summer. Thankfully petrochemicals are...

/ July 31, 2014

Ethanol’s Drag on Fuel Economy – A Look at the Chrysler 300 and E85

The Washington Post recently ran my letter to the editor to correct an error found in a review of the Chrysler 300. While the letter was just a technical correction, here’s my full take on ethanol’s  impact on miles per gallon. 

/ July 29, 2014

U.S. Refineries Competitive Positions

I recently participated at the Energy Information Administration’s 2014 Energy Conference, and during a panel discussion on world product trade, took the opportunity to address issues not raised in recent ICF and IHS studies that supported crude exports. Contrary to...

/ July 29, 2014

Flexible-fuel vehicles also get flexible gas mileage

The Washington Post’s July 20 review of the Chrysler 300 by columnist Warren Brown (On Wheels) contained an error regarding fuel economy which may simply have been a an editorial slip up, but still serves as a reminder that fuel...

/ July 29, 2014