Clickbait for petroleum refining nerds

Thanks to the recently-released EIA Refinery Capacity Report, you will not believe the following facts about the U.S. refining industry. Some of these statistics will shock you!

/ July 31, 2015

Crude Oil and Refineries: Part 1

Sometimes when I read articles and blogs about oil and the products made from oil, I get the impression that there is a lack of understanding about refineries and how common products like gasoline are made. I’m going to take...

/ June 17, 2015

Production up, emissions down

U.S. fuel and petrochemical manufacturers have made considerable investments and made tremendous progress in reducing emissions – and as production increases, emissions have decreased.

/ June 9, 2015

Efficiency Improvements in the Production of Transportation Fuels

A recent posting on EIA’s Today in Energy web page (May 13, 2015) highlighted the ethanol industry’s productivity improvement over the past two decades and noted that it is using 7% less corn to make the same amount of ethanol...

/ May 20, 2015