Production up, emissions down

U.S. fuel and petrochemical manufacturers have made considerable investments and made tremendous progress in reducing emissions – and as production increases, emissions have decreased.  

/ June 9, 2015

Efficiency Improvements in the Production of Transportation Fuels

A recent posting on EIA’s Today in Energy web page (May 13, 2015) highlighted the ethanol industry’s productivity improvement over the past two decades and noted that it is using 7% less corn to make the same amount of ethanol...

/ May 20, 2015

EPA Should Enforce Its Own RVP and Pump Label Regulations on E-15

AFPM and API recently wrote to EPA about confusion regarding E15 labeling and Reid vapor pressure (RVP) requirements.

/ April 27, 2015

Turnaround Time For Refiners

Before the summer driving season begins, when fuel usage is higher than in the previous winter months, roughly one fifth of American refineries embark on a major turnaround – a time when all or part of a refinery is shut down...

/ April 22, 2015