Thanks to the recently-released EIA Refinery Capacity Report, you will not believe the following facts about the U.S. refining industry. Some of these statistics will shock you!

Six things your friends won’t tell you about the U.S. petroleum refining industry:
1. Total U.S. petroleum refining capacity as of January 1, 2015 was 17,967,088 barrels per calendar day (bpcd) .
2. U.S. petroleum refining capacity is approximately 19 percent of total world capacity.
3. U.S. petroleum refining capacity has increased six percent since 2005.
4. Hydrotreating capacity at US refineries has increased by 23 percent since 2005.
5. Including joint venture interests, the largest refining company in the U.S. is Phillips 66. (see U.S. Top Ten, below)
6. There are 132 petroleum refineries in the U.S. (EIA includes some other facilities to come up with a total of 140.)

Three amazing facts about the U.S. petroleum refining industry:
1. Thirty states have at least one petroleum refinery.
2. There are only six states west of the Mississippi that do not have a petroleum refinery. (Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Oregon)
3. Louisiana has the most refining capacity per capita with 722,000 bpd/million residents. Wyoming is second with 296,000 bpd/million residents.

Even AFPM members don’t know these association factoids!
1. Thirty-eight of the 52 companies that operate petroleum refineries in the U.S. are AFPM members.
2. One hundred and eighteen of the 132 U.S. refineries are operated by AFPM members – making up 96 percent of U.S. total capacity
3. Twenty-four of the AFPM member companies have less than 250,000 bpcd of refining capacity, but together make up 13 percent of U.S. capacity.

You won’t believe what this petroleum refining company did!
1. Dakota Prairie Refining started up the first grassroots petroleum refinery on the U.S. mainland since the mid-1970s. It has a capacity of 19,000 bpcd of crude oil which makes it the 119th largest refinery in the U.S.

These facts are totally believable, but you’ll wish they weren’t true:
1. The number of refineries in the U.S. is less than half of what it was in 1981 (324).
2. Georgia no longer has an operable petroleum refinery.
3. Alaska’s total petroleum refinery capacity dropped by 43 percent following the shutdown of the North Pole, AK refinery.

U.S. Top Ten Petroleum Refining Companies (includes capacities of U.S. joint ventures):
1. Phillips 66 2.11 MM BPCD
2. ExxonMobil 2.05 MM BPCD
3. Valero 1.96 MM BPCD
4. Shell 1.82 MM BPCD
5. Marathon 1.73 MM BPCD
6. Chevron 0.95 MM BPCD
7. Tesoro 0.84 MM BPCD
8. BP 0.80 MM BPCD
10. Flint Hills 0.56 MM BPCD

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