As the Senate prepared to vote yesterday on the Keystone XL pipeline, the stakes for both sides – for and against – had never been higher. So it should come as no surprise that the League of Conservation Voters chose that moment to wade into what was an already saturated debate, and issue an ominous threat.

In a letter to senators, LCV president Gene Karpinski introduced the Senate to the group’s National Environmental Scorecard, which collects and collates the voting record of politicians on environmental legislation. He then outlined the usual anti-Keystone arguments: it won’t help U.S. energy security, it could cause pollution, it won’t create jobs, and it’s “dirty.”

However, Mr. Karpinski saved his biggest point for the last paragraph: senators watch out, because LCV “will strongly consider including votes on this bill in the 2014 Scorecard.”

We imagine many of the pro-Keystone members of Congress would be more than happy to be recorded as putting their name to a project which, by many estimates, would contribute $3.5 billion to the U.S. economy, create stronger ties with Canada, and support more than 42,000 jobs during its construction. – paying an estimated $2 billion in wages in the process.

With many American sources of energy around the world facing many more years of political uncertainty and social instability, cementing our ties with a safe, stable ally like Canada should be a priority – a move that would enhance U.S. energy security in the process.

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