Washington DC has always been known for being a close-knit town where mutual interests in shared outcomes seem to form quite easily – and recent reports of emails between EPA and environmental groups have not helped this reputation.

Karen Kerrigan of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council takes these groups to task in a recent blog post for the Center for Regulatory Solutions, pushing for EPA to “retreat” from its current rulemaking push amid the new allegations.

She certainly has a point: aside from the lurid emails detailing tequila shots and ice luges, emails between former EPA official Michael Goo and NRDC’s Dave Hawkins appear to show Goo calling for “a report or two” to help EPA’s efforts to further regulate coal-fired power plants.

These emails show an uncomfortably close relationship between special interest groups and a rulemaking body. In light of these emails, EPA must consider whether this coordination constitutes a conflict of interest.

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