EIA’s Estimates of Gasoline Sales – How Did it Get So Late So Soon?

A few weeks ago I posted an article detailing EPA’s continued tardiness in issuing the 2014 RFS volumes. Today, I’d like to draw attention to similar problems with the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

/ October 17, 2014

The Jones Act – Backward Thinking

It’s 1920. Warren G. Harding was nominated by the Republican Party for President. We were five years removed from the sinking of the Lusitania, two years removed from WWI and the reign of Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Edith Bolling Galt...

/ October 14, 2014

Presenting the Opportunities the Shale Boom Offers

Outreach is a critical area for trade associations to ensure that individuals understand what the association does, what industries it represents and how it impacts them directly. Part of my role at AFPM includes educating people about how thousands of...

/ September 26, 2014

AFPM Partners with First Book to Highlight the Importance of STEM for the Workforce of the Future

In case you missed it, the fuel and petrochemical manufacturing industries are helping to drive America’s economic engine and creating job opportunities along the way. Demand for skilled workers with a STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is on...

/ September 22, 2014