The Madness of California’s Clean Energy Jobs Mandate

If there’s one thing that has been proven time and again in the U.S., it’s that government mandates are not the creator of jobs and incubator of industries they always claim to be.

/ August 26, 2015

Energy Independence – What the military needs (Part II)

Given the recent growth in the production of North American petroleum resources it can be argued that US energy imports are no longer a national security issue and that energy independence has been attained. At the very least, the risks...

/ August 13, 2015

Energy Independence – What the military needs (Part I)

A few groups with military ties have surfaced recently in Iowa to voice their support for the Renewable Fuel Standard and for the statutory volumes of ethanol. They believe that mandating US consumption of renewable fuels is a national security issue...

/ August 6, 2015

The RFS: Government Regulation v. The Invisible Hand

Developments in energy markets over last eight years have offered an interesting and, I think, instructive contrast between the effects of government regulations and those of the (mostly) free market. Now that EPA has finally gotten around to specifying biofuels...

/ June 22, 2015