Environmental Protection Agency

The Secret Life of EPA

This from Breaking Energy:  “The UK is set to become the first EU member state to transpose the most recent EU directives on accounting and transparency rules in an effort to satisfy growing demands for a European-wide strategy to fight...

/ November 11, 2014

Changes to EPA’s Risk Management Program Unwarranted

EPA’s intent to expand the Risk Management Program (RMP) is unwarranted since the current regulation is effective in preventing serious injury and offsite releases. The small number of incidents referenced in the agency’s Request for Information (RFI), a precursor to a...

/ October 29, 2014

Asthma Rates Have Increased While Ozone Levels Have Fallen

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) often invokes asthma as the reason to lower national ambient air quality standards for ozone. Ozone, EPA asserts, can worsen the condition for asthma sufferers, especially children. But as Texas state toxicologist Dr. Michael Honeycutt...

/ October 23, 2014

EIA’s Estimates of Gasoline Sales – How Did it Get So Late So Soon?

A few weeks ago I posted an article detailing EPA’s continued tardiness in issuing the 2014 RFS volumes. Today, I’d like to draw attention to similar problems with the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

/ October 17, 2014