EPA’s RFS evasion

At the House Oversight Committee’s hearing today on the RFS rule-making delays, the line from EPA was clear: we will issue the rules, just don’t ask us when.

/ December 10, 2014

EPA Punts Again

On September 15, 2014, I wrote a blog titled “EPA’s Standard Operating Procedures for RFS: Delay, Delay, Delay.” EPA has not issued the final rule yet for the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). We do not know what the renewable...

/ December 1, 2014

An Open Letter to Procter & Gamble on Cellulosic Ethanol

In today’s Politico: Dear Procter & Gamble, We want to congratulate you on your new partnership with DuPont to buy cellulosic ethanol from their new plant in Iowa.  It is precisely these types of deals, forged in a free-market, that...

/ October 22, 2014

Fuels America Cries Doomsday, But the Truth Will Set You Free

Another day, another disingenuous ad from Fuels America. The latest absurdity claims that EPA’s proposed rule implementing the 2014 RFS will deal a fatal blow to the nascent cellulosic biofuels industry. The problem? EPA actually proposed raising the cellulosic mandate from...

/ August 26, 2014