Cars At The Capital: Preserving Automotive Heritage (And Fuel Choice) For American Motorists

If you happen to be in Washington, D.C. between April 14 and April 26, you should take a walk to the National Mall to check out two presidential gems from our automotive past: President William Taft’s 1909 White Steam Car,...

/ April 11, 2016

Ethanol Tip: When Filling Up On Fuel, Always Read The Label

How effective are warning labels? Research over the years has generally shown these labels to be broadly ineffective – and it appears this is also true for consumers at the pump, according to a recent survey from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute...

/ March 31, 2016

U.S. petroleum product exports continue to increase

According to recently-released figures from the Energy Information Administration, total U.S. petroleum product exports continued to rise in 2015, jumping by 467,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 4.3 million bpd.

/ March 28, 2016

The Federal Government and States Regulate Several Fuel Parameters

I discussed oxygenated gasoline in a recent blog. However, there are more regulated fuel parameters.

/ February 1, 2016