The Federal Government and States Regulate Several Fuel Parameters

I discussed oxygenated gasoline in a recent blog. However, there are more regulated fuel parameters.

/ February 1, 2016

Fueling Your Christmas: No Days Off For Refineries During The Holidays

Ah, December. As much as our personal activities go into high gear from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, it seems that work activity slacks off a bit at the end of the year. But while many people think December is...

/ December 23, 2015

Oxygenated Gasoline Has Been Required by the Clean Air Act Since 1992

The Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 created two programs: winter oxygenated gasoline in some cities to reduce carbon monoxide emissions and reformulated gasoline (RFG).  The winter oxygenated gasoline program began near the end of 1992, and the year-round RFG program...

/ September 10, 2015

Biofuels Are Not “Cleaner” than Conventional Petroleum Transportation Fuels 

Dr. Jason Hill (U. of Minnesota) testified at a joint hearing on July 23, 2015 before the Subcommittee on Energy and the Subcommittee on Oversight of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the United States House of Representatives.

/ July 27, 2015