How Do Petrochemicals Help Make Your Halloween Safe and Fun?

This year, an estimated 179 million people in the U.S. are expected to celebrate Halloween – with families and children across the country taking to the streets to go trick-or-treating. But have you ever thought about what goes into making sure...

/ October 30, 2017

Food and witches to burn

A few hundred years ago, in the depths of the Little Ice Age, crops failed and people starved. Cool summers slowed growth, growing seasons were generally short, and low soil temperatures kept everything wet, possibly promoting the growth of hallucinogenic...

/ October 30, 2015

Pumpkins and Methane: Sometimes Scary Stories are Just Stories

Boo! Were you scared? (I didn’t think so.) Maybe this will scare you. The US Department of Energy has pointed its long creepy finger at pumpkins (ooooh…) as a source of methane, a greenhouse gas that has a greater heat trapping effect than...

/ October 29, 2015