The Clean Power Plan’s Unstable Legal Footing

Although President Obama’s controversial Clean Power Plan (CPP) has been debated at length for several months, its legal failings finally came under the microscope during oral argument in W Virginia et al. v EPA et al. in the DC Circuit...

/ September 29, 2016

The polls are in – and the cost of energy means a lot to consumers

A new poll carried out by the University of Chicago yielded an unsurprising discovery: Americans are not willing to pay higher the higher costs associated with tackling climate change.

/ September 19, 2016

Ignoring Icarus: The Obama Adminstration and Taxpayer-funded Solar Companies

The story of the dizzying rise and precipitous fall of one-time solar energy darling SunEdison bears more than a passing resemblance to the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus – and is yet another salutary lesson about the dangers of...

/ April 20, 2016

Obama’s $10-per-barrel tax proposal: taking with one hand, taking with the other

As he moves into his final year in office, President Obama has decided to tackle an issue he didn’t dare touch during his first term as he looks to cement his own legacy: a stealth tax on gasoline by proposing...

/ February 10, 2016