Renewable Fuel Standard

EPA Moved the Goalposts in 2014 to Promote Cellulosic Biofuel

Cellulosic biofuel has been negligible. In January 2013, the RFS regulatory value for 2012 was vacated by a court. In November 2013, EPA proposed to set the RFS regulatory value for 2011 from 6 million ethanol-equivalent gallons to zero and...

/ August 18, 2015

Energy Independence – What the military needs (Part II)

Given the recent growth in the production of North American petroleum resources it can be argued that US energy imports are no longer a national security issue and that energy independence has been attained. At the very least, the risks...

/ August 13, 2015

Energy Independence – What the military needs (Part I)

A few groups with military ties have surfaced recently in Iowa to voice their support for the Renewable Fuel Standard and for the statutory volumes of ethanol. They believe that mandating US consumption of renewable fuels is a national security issue...

/ August 6, 2015

EPA Wrong on E85 Gasoline

Can E85 save the Renewable Fuel Standard? Don’t bet on it. It’s time for Congress to fix the law it created. Visit to learn more and make your voice heard.

/ July 21, 2015