Renewable Fuels

RFS Waivers for Total Renewable Fuels and Advanced Biofuels

EPA has waived cellulosic biofuels in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program (see January 2015 blog – “Cellulosic RFS Waiver History,” and December 2015 blog – “Update: RFS Cellulosic Biofuel Waivers“). However, EPA recently promulgated RFS rules for 2014-2016 (see 80...

/ January 15, 2016

Fuels America Cries Doomsday, But the Truth Will Set You Free

Another day, another disingenuous ad from Fuels America. The latest absurdity claims that EPA’s proposed rule implementing the 2014 RFS will deal a fatal blow to the nascent cellulosic biofuels industry. The problem? EPA actually proposed raising the cellulosic mandate from...

/ August 26, 2014

Our Elites are Lecturing Us

Tom Steyer, a condescending funder of the anti-fossil fuel crowd, has a message for us: We’re stupid! According to him in remarks made recently at a renewable fuels conference only .5 percent of people understand the climate change debate. Here’s...

/ August 20, 2014