A new poll carried out by the University of Chicago yielded an unsurprising discovery: Americans are not willing to pay higher the higher costs associated with tackling climate change.

The results showed that 42 percent of respondents are unwilling to even spend $1 on climate costs, 61 percent would not pay an extra $10, while only 29 percent would be willing to pay $20.

A simple reason for this is that most households cannot afford these extra costs. Although Census data shows median incomes increased in 2015, income inequality remains high and the most vulnerable in our society are just as vulnerable today as they have always been.

The affordable and reliable energy provided by fossil fuels helps provide certainty for those who feel utility price increases more keenly than anyone else. The last thing these households need is an energy plan President Obama himself admits would make electricity prices “skyrocket.”

While wealthy environmentalists are happy to fork over thousands of dollars for Teslas and solar panels (partly funded by taxpayers) to make their expensive environmental statements, the low energy bills provided by fossil fuel energy give the rest of us much-needed breathing space in our household budgets.

As the low energy bills help keep families afloat, it is more important than ever before for fossil fuels to take their place in the ongoing climate change conversation.

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