Dear Prime Minister Abbott,

We know how you feel. The American public is used to getting the cold shoulder from President Obama. And while EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is confident that the President “has EPA’s back,” those that do not share his views feel pretty exposed. Still, after years of talking about the deep bonds that exist between the U.S. and Australia, we were disappointed to hear how, intentionally or not, the President took you to task in his recent speech at the University of Queensland.

We feel certain that you are concerned about the environment, after all, you’ve committed to cut Australia’s carbon emissions by five percent by 2020. How surprising then to hear President Obama lecture presumably you about the threat of more wildfires, longer droughts and damage to the Great Barrier Reef if Australia does not cut its carbon emissions. Surely the President’s advisors understand that Australia’s carbon emissions are so small they cannot possibly affect the reef.

As the students in the audience that day might say, it appears you were “trolled” by our President, Mr Abbott. Could it be that he was still pleased with himself for negotiating a climate deal with China that requires Beijing to do absolutely nothing for 16 years, while committing the U.S. to a program of unrealistic cuts that will stifle our manufacturing renaissance?

We are as mystified as you are as to why President Obama would criticize our great ally in the Pacific, and one who has done nothing but support America in the region. Perhaps now, as you have just signed the biggest trade agreement China has made with any major economy, President Obama will think twice about publicly undermining your administration again (but don’t bet on it). In closing, please know that millions of Americans are indeed appreciative.


Charles T. Drevna
American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

Charles Drevna

Posted by Charles Drevna

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