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A cellulosic biofuel reality check

Congress established the mandate for cellulosic biofuel under the RFS in 2007. The basic idea was that requiring ambitious volumes of cellulosic fuel to be incorporated into the fuel supply would create and simultaneously mature the market for cellulosic ethanol...

/ January 18, 2019

Perspectives: Diverse Stakeholders React to EPA’s Announcement of Bigger Ethanol Mandates for 2019

A diversity of consumer groups, environmental organizations, food producers and engine manufacturers joined AFPM in voicing their opposition to the unsustainable ethanol mandates released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 2019. In November, the EPA announced that it will...

/ December 19, 2018

AFPM Responds to The New York Times

In a new article, The New York Times attempts to vilify The American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers for issue advocacy and lobbying around a proposed transportation policy. But educating on critical issues and advocating for policy outcomes is the whole reason AFPM,...

/ December 13, 2018

FACT CHECK: As petrochemical industry expands, facilities are getting cleaner

If you read the headlines in the news lately — “Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Plastics Are Predicted to Rise,” “New Texas petrochemical projects add millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution, report finds” — you’d think emissions from the petrochemical...

/ December 10, 2018