There’s not much these days that can unite Republicans and Democrats. But there is one issue that has bipartisan agreement: the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is fundamentally broken.

In the last week, there were two op-eds published in The Hill about growing concern with the RFS, which was enacted during a time when our fuel supply lacked the robust domestic resources we have today. Now the RFS is eating into the nation’s corn supply, driving up food prices, and burning up engines.

Democrat Peter Welch from Vermont wrote: “The well-intentioned policy has been an overwhelming flop for a diverse group of people and businesses in my state.”

Republican Pete Olson from Texas said: “The mandate has helped to distort the market. In some years, it has been estimated that this costs an extra $2,000 out of the pocket of a family of four.”

Both congressmen agree that whatever environmental benefit the RFS was intended to have has not proved to be the case. And they agree that individuals and businesses in their states and across the country are being negatively impacted.

Meanwhile, Politico reported yesterday that while the Obama administration is nearly a year late in setting the 2014 biofuels mandate, it may delay its decision until after the election for political reasons. Last November, EPA proposed a volume requirement that would have alleviated some of the most pressing short-term challenges with the RFS, and AFPM is urging the White House not to backtrack now. Although the EPA proposal was a good first step, AFPM hopes policymakers in the Administration and Congress listen to the growing bipartisan chorus agreeing that the RFS is an outdated law that needs a bipartisan overhaul.

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