It’s no secret that infrastructure is the backbone of this nation, from roads to bridges to airports and more – America relies on its infrastructure to keep people and our economy moving. It’s what links everything together.

Infrastructure for the energy sector is no different – it’s critical that America has in place, and continues to build, and improve, the infrastructure to get oil, natural gas, and utilities to manufacturers and consumers. As our economy and population continue to grow, our energy infrastructure must keep pace to ensure the viability of a seamless network, delivering the necessary resources to ensure the energy we need is abundant, reliable, and competitively priced.

The members of AFPM know that they must invest in every aspect of moving energy safely and efficiently across our country. And to do so, we need a modern and highly interconnected network to ensure reliable and safe delivery.

Shortly after taking office, the president issued several executive orders, two of which expedited the process to complete two key pipelines – the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline. This action in the very first days of his presidency exemplified the president’s commitment to his America First Energy Plan.

The next step in building out a new and improved system is within our reach, but to do so, we need a smart regulatory system—one that balances our economic interest with environmental stewardship.  Responsible development of our resources and environmental conservation are not mutually exclusive.

Furthermore, we must work with both the federal government and state governments to ensure a streamlined permitting process to those that have invested in projects. They need the certainty to complete projects without unlawful delays from eco-terrorists and protestors, or unnecessary bureaucratic red tape. Unlawful sabotage and disruptions must be addressed and managed swiftly. The federal and state governments should not be bullied by activist groups intent on delaying or ending projects that have received proper approvals.

By embracing a new era in energy infrastructure, we can strengthen our national and energy security, position America as the global leader in refining and energy production, and stimulate our economy. The opportunity is now – the favorable headwinds from both Congress and the administration should fuel a call to action to help transform our energy infrastructure to meet the growing demands of the 21st century.

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