Fossil Fuels

Personal Protective Equipment: Life-saving Gear Grounded in Petrochemicals

Arriving at the scene, Dan takes in the chaotic view in front of him. A family’s home is ablaze, with smoke billowing out of the roof. He and his fire company have been dispatched to the two-story structural fire, and...

/ April 19, 2018

From Russia with Love

A recently released U.S. intelligence report on Russia’s efforts to influence the presidential election cited “clear evidence that the Kremlin is financing and choreographing anti-fracking propaganda in the United States,” according to an op-ed that ran in the latest issue...

/ February 1, 2017

The polls are in – and the cost of energy means a lot to consumers

A new poll carried out by the University of Chicago yielded an unsurprising discovery: Americans are not willing to pay higher the higher costs associated with tackling climate change.

/ September 19, 2016

Another day, another half-baked carbon tax proposal

Last weekend, The Washington Post lamented in an editorial that too many miles were being driven on our nation’s roads. Individuals are not being held accountable for their actions, the Post complained, adding that there needs to be a way...

/ September 14, 2016