It is a great time to be working in the refining industry. According to an analysis by The Wall Street Journal published yesterday, “Oil and gas drillers and refiners had some of the highest-paid median workers in the energy and utility sectors in 2018.”

Last year, Marathon’s median worker pay registered at $167,607 (excluding its convenience stores), according to the Journal. Phillips 66 boosted their 2018 median pay by about 15 percent in 2018, and Exxon raised its median pay about 6 percent that year. 

AFPM members own and operate 110 refineries across the United States, offering high-paying and highly-skilled jobs and life-long careers to individuals of all education levels. The average refining worker’s is $135,000, as noted in the new 2019 AFPM Annual Report, significantly more than the $55,000 annual average U.S. worker’s salary reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the petrochemical side of our membership, the average worker’s salary is over $127,000.

In addition to offering good wages, U.S. refiners and petrochemical manufacturers help sustain and stimulate long-term growth in the U.S. labor market, providing employment opportunities to almost four million Americans and add hundreds of billions of dollars to the American economy each year.

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